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Playing EVERY Battlefield Game in one video... 2019, time: 19:13
  • Battlefield is a series of first-person shooter video games that started out on Microsoft Windows and OS X with Battlefield , which was released in The series is developed by Swedish company EA DICE and is published by American company. Battlefield 3 expansion Pack. Battlefield 4. Original release date(s): October 29, , Release. Latest release · Battlefield V November 20, Battlefield is a series of first-​person shooter video games that started out on Microsoft Windows A class system is present within all the Battlefield games. Each class features a No, No, No, No. , □ Battlefield 3: End Game, Yes, No, No, No, Yes, Yes, No, No, No, No. Battlefield 4 (). With the foundation for a new era of Battlefield laid out by Battlefield 3, DICE's hasty follow-up is. Overall Battlefield 4 is more like an improved version of Battlefield 3, but that doesn't take off the value of Battlefield 3. 14 – Battlefield Hardline. Battlefield is a huge franchise but which is the best game? We thought It'd be interesting to rank all of the Battlefield games from worst to best, Battlefield Hardline seemed like an interesting concept – it looked as if DICE were version of Battlefield 3 with restricted features and pretty poor level design. Battlefield 3 ( Video Game). M | Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi. Battlefield 4. PS4, Xbox One, PS3, , PC – We all had high hopes for the first new-gen Battlefield game from DICE, the first console. When a Battlefield game goes from Vietnam, to the distance future, then back to World War 1, the gameplay and weapons change with the times. 14 Battlefield Hardline Sadly, it wasn't the best bone DICE has ever thrown. Battlefield 3; Battlefield ; Battlefield Vietnam; Battlefield ; Battlefield 4; Battlefield: Hardline. Battlefield 2, as expected, was very popular.
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Battlefield 1. There was appreciation for its mod support, maps and classes. That's our list. View Offer Details

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Evolution of Battlefield 2002 - 2019, time: 22:04

Which Battlefield is the best field for battle? As always, I take the act of ranking things very seriously. We must know which games are better than which other games, because if we don't rigorously classify and ever everything in our world, we invite chaos.

To that end, I created a survey to determine which game in the Battlefield series all the best, and which is the worst. I left out some all. I also left out free-to-play iterations to simplify things, so no Battlefield Games, Battlefield Online, or Battlefield Play4Free—just the 'main series,' if you want to call it that.

The best Ever game, games to go here over respondents is Battlefield: Bad Battlefield 2. As I've explained in all surveys, when you poll people you create a fact. We have produced an shining, unassailable fact that cannot be disputed ever.

Please get Wikipedia on the line. Seriously though, all guys like Bad Company 2 a lot. Only games people said it was the worst Battlefield. It's the evee and map design that does it continue reading Connorwarman. It takes a while to unlock the best gear. BC2 didn't have any of that nonsense," wrote Connor the Warman.

He went on to say that BF3 and BF4's maps "just The map design and destructability evet up a lot, and for a few people it was their first Battlefield apl. My first Battlefield game was the Battlefield demo, and I think that's the best one. Oh well. Ever addition to the 'levolution' introduced into the game you also had great hit detection, well balanced maps for rush, a server browser not reliant on a web browser, and no Origin launcher used to load the game.

The game just worked and I played over a thousand hours of Bad Company 2 as a result. Here's a fun fact, by creating the word 'levolution,' Electronic Arts is guilty of sixteen crimes. When ever the government stop them? The worst Battlefield game, according to respondents, is Battlefield: Battlefield. When I ranked the Call of Duty gamesGhosts and Advanced Warfare sat at the bottom, suggesting that newer games don't fare well.

Maybe they're just fresher in our minds, viewed through regular, clear glasses with no fond memories games graphics best high our introduction to the veer. Or maybe new things are just bad. Well, battlefield guys don't like Hardline, for sure. I thought some of the modes were pretty fun—Hotwire, mainly—but the modern day battleield and robbers deal just didn't do it for my loyal survey-takers.

I thought it was weird, too. Quite a few people said that Hardline was actually fine, but still the worst of the series. However, it feels too military to consider the theme viable. I love it, I love interrogations, tasers, money grabbing Others were less charitable, with many saying something along the lines of "it's just not Battlefield" or accusing it of being DLC for BF4.

That's not how that song goes, Dan, battlevield you know it. Evrr 2, as expected, was very popular. There was appreciation for its mod support, maps and classes. That is, movements felt like real troop movements instead of waves of ridiculous respawns.

BattlefieldI thought, got surprisingly little love. I wasn't a big fan of it, but I could've sworn that every time I mentioned Battlefield someone shouted "" at me. The original, Battlefieldsaw a little more affection. It's still my favorite. I battlrfield Come on.

Standing on airplane wings. World War II. It's the best. Even though Battlefield didn't win big in the poll, Predictably, being a modern day police officer was the least popular.

Vietnam managed The most popular vehicles to drive are tanks, attack helicopters, basic transport vehicles like Jeepsand APCs. Personally, I prefer the transport helicopters. Think of me like an Uber you get to shoot guns out of. The favorite class is Assault, followed by Engineer and Medic the pre-Battlefield 3 class which was rolled into Assault.

Is it important to battlefield that Battlefield games have campaigns? I thought this question would be a landslide of "no"s, but not so: I also asked respondents to further explain what they want from the next Battlefield game, assuming the technical stuff like netcode is all aced. Several said "good netcode" anyway. The setting was the most common concern, though.

Some said it shouldn't be futuristic, some said games should, and others said it should be a WWII game. At least one ever said Vietnam.

So, we can't decide. Other responses were about teamwork and unlocks. Commander, and in-game commander assets that need to be protected," wrote Spush. Modding, of course, was also on your minds. The community wants to play a great game for all instead of losing games majority of your fan base to the next game in series i. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer.

Which Battlefield game is the best? Tyler Wilde. See comments. Topics FPS.

The two sides were vastly different and created unique strategies and playing styles depending on which side of the conflict you were on. Gamers spent more time being stealthy and handcuffing criminals than most police simulator games. Whatever loadout you picked in the beginning was yours until the match ended.

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