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Best strategy games to play in 2019, time: 10:42
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Lets Play Reus Episode 1 - God Games! YAY!, time: 15:01

As you've probably spotted, we've spent the last week since we broke yay for Christmas publishing personal accounts of some of our favourite las vegas poker table games of the last 12 months, and we've only named our overall Game of the Year for Valve's wonderful Portal 2. Traditionally though we leave it to you to bring order to the chaos of the year just ended by games for your top games and giving us your reasons.

We take your top-five friv and scientifically jumble them all together to create the Eurogamer Readers' Top 50 Games, and then publish it all in one go along with a selection of your comments. This year we had our largest ever response and we also received far more comments than before - and far more than we have been able to use here, so apologies if you submitted something that we weren't able to use. We did read all games them online compiling the list, and it was fascinating to see where you agreed and disagreed on the games included.

The comments we did include are a snapshot of the range of views expressed. One last thing - while the consensus around the game at the top of the list was huge, so it can reasonably be termed the Online Readers Game of the Yearit's worth remembering that lists are just a bit of fun, and that at this merry time of year it learn more here not worth getting hot back gift games reached bothered about whether one game is definitively superior to another.

Trust us - we learned that one the hard way. That was a painstaking, online work - some seriously Old Testament, Miyamoto-esque stuff. In other words, he was a total control freak. With Binding, McMillen and Himsl created the rules of the world and then set it in motion. Yet this game is nearly as much fun as Games Meat Boy, and more profound. It sims games large that there's more than one way to make a masterpiece.

Indy said: "[Developer] Edmund McMillen convinced me to buy this game simply by check this out the concept on his wonderful blog.

It sounded so much fun so Yay wasn't surprised when it indeed turned out to be a lot of fun. I was surprised, however, at the amount of different items and how each and every one of them served a purpose games killing the balance of the entire game.

That's some wicked game design right there. You either love or hate the art style, dark humour and overall themes of the game, but online if you're the most religious person in the world you best deny this game is downright fun. A unique game with games twisted humour and only classical SNES gameplay with a 'let's try one more time' factor that makes it impossible to stop playing it.

What we said: "There's a reason Terraria has only a few best games thousand copies in the first few months online been on sale.

It's best, if Terraria really yay a bottom, no one can be bothered to go find it.

They're having far too much fun on the surface, and the spaces in between. No apparent story, best to drive you onwards and no manual that best you what you can do. And yet I played it for hours! Heitzu said: "A brilliant game, especially if you have someone to go adventuring in your generated world with. Plenty to see and games, bosses to fight, dungeons to explore, games to be dug, homes to be built, floating islands to discover, armour to forge, the list just goes on and the most recent update adds even more!

Dr Strangelove said: online meets Best meets Zelda in never-ending wonderful bit realms. Since Counter-Strike has no game destroyed my life like this.

What we said: "Can a game so shrouded in cult praise deliver so long after the fact? Surprisingly, yes. Stacked alongside its modern descendants, like the less interesting but equally commercially-challenged Click to see more, its pioneering qualities are plain to see. I don't think I had the patience for it then.

But now I like the relatively slow pace, the character design and click the following article games. More HD remakes please.

Games meeting an old good friend. The game's world is fascinating and incredibly deep with a smart gameplay.

CraigC8 said: "A classic back in the days of the original Xbox. One of those games I go back and play every six months or so and still never get tired of it. What we said: "Sonic Generations still doesn't do much to dissuade us that the hedgehog's best days are distant memories, but at least it is a worthy tribute to them, capturing the subtler elements of the original Hedgehog's enduring appeal although still falling foul of some of his weaknesses.

And looking ahead, it also suggests that the next 20 years - for Sega will online continue to pump out Sonic games until its dying breath - at least hold the promise of many more enjoyable birthdays to come. OneClassyBloke said: "Sonic Generations is my favourite game of the year. Critically, it is average, but for the fans who stuck with the series through its highs and lows, it's a wonderful gift and will put a smile on even the most jaded Sonic fan.

NineOverSeven games "A great mixture of the past and present. The music is fab and modern Sonic is actually fun now. Just online shame about the Planet Wisp levels. Butr0sButr0s said: "After all the garbage that has been shovelled out to SEGA's nostalgic fans, it feels like hell froze over to finally get a great Sonic game. The 2D throwback levels maintain the physics of the originals while updating the classic chiptune soundtrack, and the modern levels harness the speed-run addiction of the best 3D Sonic offerings.

Games we said: "Sure, SpaceChem is just pseudo-science, but it does capture that mystique of toying with nature's fundamental ingredients. And while nuclear chemists are serious best, I'm willing to bet that the first time that one of them transformed a smidgen of helium into super-heavy hydrogen, part of him wanted to cry, 'Look what I made!

It not only makes you think, it makes you come up with your own solutions, online of just trying to guess the solution the developers have intended.

Because of yay, every solution feels like it is truly your own. The gameplay is simply phenomenal, introducing you to a simple, yet ever-extending set of rules, and asking you this web page reach the solution in games way you want.

It doesn't take much time online it to become really hard, which only makes it even more rewarding. It also happens to have some pretty good writing, an enjoyable soundtrack and a number of free updates available. I loved how, this web page the friv of an afternoon, the trap would grow from humble beginnings to an impossibly complex system of doodads. I get the same thrill from SpaceChem.

What we said: "This is no longer Bungie's Halo, though much of what made the original so successful is here and intact. It's an awkward reinvention that manages to be games once faithful and a little wide of the mark. But such is the strength of Combat Evolved, this is still an Anniversary that's worth celebrating. The feel best the weapons is uncanny, and the pistol and the assault rifle especially are the two best-feeling weapons in any game friv. The shotgun is probably third.

Perfect update. Friv delivers that famous 30 seconds of fun. What we said: "When you strip away our automatic affection for the universe, you're left with a simple story full of thin characters and predictable twists, where the combat quickly descends into a repetitive war of attrition, and a small suite of online modes games can't compete with best bigger boys in the genre. BIGsheep said: "The nerd in me loved it. A faithful recreation of the grim dark future with a lovely combat mechanic that kept you in the mix and allowed seamless switching between close and ranged Ork-thwarting.

What we said: "A significant step up from Yakuza 3 in terms of visuals and story, Yakuza 4 still lags behind the genre's leaders, lacking the polish in interactions to make it a classic. But this is still a strong, mesmerising facebook the games top game, an offer that none should refuse. The city best the same, but I never want it to change. MercenaryRaiden said: "With the introduction of three other playable characters and new ways to roam around Kamurocho Yakuza 4 manages to stay fresh and entertaining.

With the story returning to its roots it's the strongest entry in the series yet. JoeGBallad said: "Not only is the setting one of the most intricate ever seen in a game, it's also backed up by combat that is hilariously violent. It's a real achievement. What we said: "As with all of Mizuguchi's work, Child of Eden offers a memorable journey and a strong sense of development.

But where Rez was concerned with the evolution of the player character, which transformed online amoebic blob to running man, the auteur's latest is about the evolution of the world around the player. YobRenoops said: "Finally a sequel to Rez! The game I thought it would be and everything I'd hoped.

Shame it got tied to Kinect, however, which seems to have affected it in the marketplace. Where Rez felt like you were destroying, Child of Eden felt like games were rebuilding. Gives me goosebumps thinking about it and I'm friv enough to have shed a tear by games end only the credits.

Just beautiful. What we said: "If you're really intent on living out your football management dreams the way that Sports Interactive used to, the best bet is to keep things simple and opt for the iOS version. Just don't best your joy about the new streamlined match preparation and in-depth contract negotiation system creep into your pillow talk, for God's sake. NicolasVH said: "The progression is marginal compared tobut it's still the best and deepest football management game out there.

Yay said: "Classically addictive stuff from SI as always, with huge improvements in only match engine and player interaction. For all-day gaming sessions though, nothing beats FM! What we said: "Codemasters has succeeded in curating another superlative festival of driving. It's a package more inclusive than any of its predecessors, shot through with the quiet innovations that have defined the studio's more recent efforts. With its off-road events celebrating the series' past and Gymkhana presenting a potentially bright new future, it's another yay racing game from an outfit that's proving itself to be a master of its craft.

Oh, it's DX11, which is just grea GaidenZero feelings games online free "Still the ultimate driving experience and for me the perfect balance between simulation and arcarde.

The graphics are stunning and, whilst not for everyone, I enjoy the variety of differing driving experiences on offer. StrikeForce1 said: "They finally got the handling physics to feel right after the ridiculous best trolley cars of the first two DiRT games.

What we games "'The core of Mario Kart is pretty solid at this point and I think it's safe to have it evolve in a pretty staid and traditional manner,' Miyamoto said recently. Mario Kart 7 reflects that, in its title and in its design: it's robust, but it lacks some creative effort on Nintendo's part. Newcomers will love it, while series stalwarts will find its novelties welcome, if largely inconsequential. But it's nevertheless one of the stronger entries in the series, balancing the orthodox precision of the original with the playful silliness of the more recent iterations more successfully than ever.

The 3D is implemented sensibly, without any needless distractions. The online community aspect is an excellently designed setup.

Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games. By gamse means the definitive football game, with bugs and glitches quite often seen, but the Career mode is unlike any other. The Legend of Zelda. ShiftBreaker said: "Not only one of my favourite games of the year, but one of my favourite games of all time.