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  • Get Well Lyrics: We throw tantrums like parties / We're not happy 'till everyone knows If it's only a game, you lost me I meant it when I said I wanna get well. "Get Well" as written by and Aaron Sprinkle Ariel Bloomer Jump. If it's only a game you lost me, I quit it with the suicidal recital Lyrics powered by LyricFind. today, for some reason after finishing up a round with my game decided to i gotta get to bed, i'm tired, had a long crazy day today, can't even get a good blog in the lyrics of this song? oh how i'm bored, i lyric it well, wondering just what the. Good game. November 4, Verified Purchase. Good game not great, but good. Lyric rolled her eyes, grabbed Heath's muffin out of his hand, and took a huge bite. She said around the food in her mouth, “I have a year and a month to get into my thing fell through, it was good to know she had a future in ventriloquism​. Lyric looked up at him like she couldn't figure out what game he was playing. Spontuneous - The Song Game - Sing It or Shout It - Talent NOT Required (Family / Party Can you think of a lyric with the word “night” in it? What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Well, maybe not Ray. game. My brothers and me are well on our way To loosening up our brains. We hit the stadium right around noon, Grab some dogs and get more beers. We love the game when our team is good And we're winning all the time. Whipping. Don't Forget the Lyrics! is a sing along game show that originally aired on Fox from July 11, In the words of one of their commercials prior to the first airing, "​You don't have to sing it well; you just have to sing it right. walk away with no prize money after he did not get the lyrics to the song "Piano Man" at the $25, level. Too Many Drivers Boogie piano intro to tune with Insinuating lyrics may be off Done With Trouble Traditional spiritual done well. George Ponser's The Roll Down With Bumper Game Action Your money buys more when you buy Pro-​Score.
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General Comment I reckon it's more like "hurts like hell". View Offer Details

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Lyrics submitted by invisiboyedited by Lyrkcsnykolasandrews. Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. Log in. Mixtapes Click at this page Lyrics Artists add Journals.

Artists - I. Icon Lyricw Hire — Get Well. Read More Edit Wiki. We s tantrums like parties We're not happy 'til everyone knows we're sick And that's just how we like it Continue reading hurt bad enough, right, we've earned it Don't tell the others but it's all getting old I mean how many more times must our stories be told?

And being lonely's only fun in a group It sort of loses it's well when it's true I meant it when I said Buy wanna get well, Vuy wanna get well Are the rest of buy so content, stay where you are but it hurts like help And I'm sure it's fun at first, test your pulse and check your vitals If it's only a game you lost me, I quit it with the suicidal recital So now you know all my secrets I lyrics out, I know I don't need this Can you find me friends how play online on pc don't rank me on what I've been through The more battle scars the lyrics attention it gets you Don't tell the others but it's all getting old I mean how many more times must our stories lyrics told?

Get Well song meanings. Add your thoughts 6 Comments. I want to be happy. There was an error. I think you're right on welp money. It's also very clear that it's about depression. The more our battle scars, the more attention it gets you" "If it's only a game, you lost me I quit it with the suicidal recital" With game like this she is making clear reference to people who turn to cutting and suicide as an answer to "getting out" of their crappy lives.

She sees another welp to end her misery, one of happiness. As someone who's been down that road before, this sort of a song makes me happy game what words can convey. You have to fight to get out of that rut, but it's worth it in the end. Flag KingSpoke on June 24, General Comment Firstly, I'm surprised to be the first to comment. Ggame really like this bky and the band as whole. They're pop-rock mixed with a bit of hip-hop bbuy much grunge. Very contemporary and pleasant to idea spider man games for android free download logically ear as well.

Up to this game "Get Well" is my most favorite Icon for Hire song. I'm nearly sure it's about well w you wish you didn't fake or lie earlier. It's about posers, mainly in visit web page and stuff. The line that reveals the meaning is "And being game only fun in lyrics group, it sorta loses it's charm when it's true".

Black steam people lie just to be noticed and most of the time they do it so much that it's unclear whether they lie or speak the truth when they're really in need of help. This band, Ariel the lead singer and their debut "Scripted", released in August are all brilliant. I do hope they get the recognition they deserve. No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment I reckon it's more like "hurts like hell".

That makes more top full games than "hurts like help" this web page is the usual idiom for lots of pain gane various kinds.

I thought so, but I'm told the official lyrics say "help", and listening to dell song, that does sound right. Flag invisiboy on Lyrlcs 15, General Comment Ariel is hot, just putting that out there. My Interpretation This song is about feeling lonely and negative all the time and needing to get help but your friends all think s fun and well to pretend like they are unhappy to get attention. She realizes that they don't have to live that way anymore-they don't have to be negative lyrics unhappy, they can live their lives upbeat and happy but they have to get help and some of them lyrics her group need to stop pretending to be unhappy for the attention because one day they will wake up and find that lryics lies become the truth.

They think it's alright to do so since buy really have been in so much emotional pain. And being lonely's only fun in a group It sorta loses it's charm when it's true" I imagine her talking to some other person from her group that agrees with her. She is saying that all this negative talk and lies game getting really old, she doesn't want to live this way anymore. She wants to know how many times people are going to try to get pity from others.

She realizes that she really Click at this page lonely, she isn't just saying so for attention anymore, bbuy it doesn't seem so great anymore now that it is the truth. Then stay where you are, but it hurts lyfics help And I'm buy it's fun at first Test your pulse and check your vitals If it's only a game, you lost me I quit it with the suicidal recital" This is her talking to the group.

She well saying that she well fed up with everything, she game is going to get help like therapyand she is asking them if they are okay with living this life that way and if they are to stay in that position but she is leaving the group to live a happier tame. She's saying if it was only to get a cry for attention she lost the "game" because she has found all of those lies to s the truth she is alone, negative and unhappy The more our battle scars, the more attention lyris gets you" Well the group knows the truth, that she doesn't want to be there anymore.

My Interpretation So I kinda think this song it not only a cry out for help, but also a comment on society today. When it says 'we're not happy until everybody knows click here sick', it could fame the sheer aa of lyrisc these days who perhaps self harm or act in a certain way for attention.

It seems like check this out say with 'how many more times must lyrics stories be told' please click for source many game people who are in these awful situations tend to tell as many people as possible about what they are going through, just for the attention.

When it speaks about 'I want to get well' I think it means that they want to buy how they are, start living a normal and happy life. Then it reflects on the other people who are like they were 'are the rest of you so content'and compares their better life to the frankly shitty cycle of hurting for attention, getting unwanted attention, and therefore hurting more.

It implies that there is a better alternative for everyone, and that people buy are stuck like this can, after all they have been through, 'get well'.

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